Toàn quốc Tuyển Warehouse manager - Code: TPK-D

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    Warehouse manager - Code: TPK-D

    * Working location: My Hao, Hung Yen (Free Daily shuttle bus from Hanoi to Hung Yen)

    * Salary: Negotiable

    * Scope: Transport, warehousing, Customs clearance

    * Experience: >3 years in the same position

    * Job description:

    · Managing, controlling and being responsible for all warehouse operations at Hung Yen branch and outsourced warehouse (if any);

    · Write standard procedure for each type of item stored in the warehouse;

    · Training, evaluating subordinates ...;

    · Develop goals and action plan for the Warehouse room (consistent with the company's goals);

    · Develop a safe and efficient method of storage of goods for all warehouses;

    · Cooperating with Marketing to reach new customers;

    · Proposing to the Board of Directors, Head of the branch the best plan and solution for Warehouse and other services;

    · Some other jobs will be discussed during the interview.

    * Requirement:

    · Gender: Male/female

    · Age from 30-45 years old;

    · Graduated from University or higher; have at least 3 years of experience in service warehouse management; Having worked as a group manager of 20 or more people;

    · Fluency in Word, Excel, and Power Point;

    · English: proficient skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

    · Good communication; have leadership skills, analysis and evaluation; problem solving skills, negotiation skills;

    · Be careful, enthusiastic, honest at work;


    · Social Insurance after probationary

    · Travel allowance: 500k/month; Diligence allowance: 400k/month (< 3 years in service), Long term service allowance: 600k/month (> 3 years in service)

    · Telephone allowance: 350k / month

    · Free lunch at canteen

    · Celebrating 200k birthday, giving birth 200k / child, gift 8/3; 10/20 for female employees, visiting filial piety, joy. annual vacation

    · Bonus of the 13th month of salary.

    · Daily shuttle buses from Hanoi at the collect points: Ho Tay Warter Park & Huu Nghi Viet Xo Hospital

    * How to apply:

    · Interested candidates send CV to e-mail with e-mail Subject: Name - Year of Birth - Location (for example: Nguyen Hong Phuong - 1990 – TPK-D)

    · Phone: 02471096868. Quick support: Zalo-0986306517

    · Details

    · Deadline for submissions: the sooner you submit the better the opportunity you get
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