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    Job description:

    Communicate and delivery of consistent brand pillars and key messages throughout all training activities to the market. To assume responsibilities of communicating the latest training messages and to build strong professional working relationships with key retailers and carrier contacts.


    You are the catalyst in ensuring that our products and services are Number 1 in the market! You will be the key person who delivers consistent Sales, Brand, and Product knowledge to retail and carrier staff and ensure that messages are delivered and understood across all channels. You will build positive working relationships with retail training managements, ensure training materials are comprehensive and deliver them in a clear, concise method.


    The successful candidate's responsibilities will include:

    • Training
    ​• Co-ordinate and conduct training for all key partners.
    • Assess knowledge of retailers’ staff and recommend improvements.
    • Provide the necessary training to partner’s staff on programs, products, sales techniques.
    • Train internal Field Team on Products and Sales Techniques.
    • Responsible for coordinating ad-hoc training requests.
    • Presentation building for specific audiences.
    • Actively support training ventures into new, un-supported areas.

    • Monitor staff performance and recommend improvements
    • Co-ordinate refresher training for staffs across all channels, internal team included.
    • Documentation and analysis of training results and performance.
    • Suggest improvements to training to affect staff performance.

    • Market Intelligence
    • Gather market intelligence across channels and provide feedback.
    • Obtain relevant competitor information and report to Manager.
    • Stay abreast of market trends and use information to support business decision.

    • Be the Facilitator ​
    • Perform all job role “functions” as requested by the Manager.
    • Apply knowledge, training expertise and a holistic view to training to positively impact sales across all channels.
    • Use your acquired skills to “Help others help themselves”
    • Mentor and coach juniors in your team.
    • Identify resources needed, and co-ordinate internal resources as necessary.
    • Seek value-add in all tasks and demonstrate individual and team initiative to promote BlackBerry at all levels.

    • Strong presentation skills is essential
    • Ability to deliver training messages and content to small, medium sized groups
    • Love and live the BlackBerry brand
    • Always looks at things from the customers point of view
    • Passion for BlackBerry products and services
    • Love working with a team
    • Ability to analyze data and author clear, focused reports
    • Great communication skills – keeps it simple
    • 2 years previous training experience is a must
    If you're driven to take wireless technologies to the next level, it's time you join the team. We offer a challenging environment that fosters creativity and rewards excellence.

    Email your CV to : Khoa.Nguyen@nopglobal.com

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    =)) Đi đâu cũng hai năm kinh nghiệm thì sinh viên mới ra trường có đi vá lốp xe ngựa. =))

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