TOOLS shrink cho OS7 (9900-9930-9790...)

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    TOOLS shrink cho OS7 (9900-9930-9790...)

    Đã có tools BBHTool mới shrink cho OS 7 (9930-9900-9790...)
    TOOLS shrink cho OS7 (9900-9930-9790...)
    - Added APK Converter/Signer (PlayBook tab)
    - Added Drag/Drop and Clear button to File Swapper (Build-A-Hybrid tab)
    - Added option to Open OTA Downloader save folder after download
    - Changed .APK handling (PlayBook tab)
    - Changed functionality of the Settings -> Start Tab
    - Fixed warning messages that show for Latin Truetype (Default font) and Ringtones
    - Fixed Tweet Shrink Results/Tweet Shortened Link (Hopefully! Works with Chrome)
    - Fixes to "Put It Back" feature
    - Fixes to various shrink items
    - Updated Shrinking to work with OS 7.1
    - Updated skins
    - Various minor UI fixes/adjustments
    Current Version:

    - Optimized Shrink-A-OS code/Put It Back features
    - Live Shrink option to shrink an OS that has already been installed to device
    - Updated Shrink with latest shrink options
    - Select your Installed OS Folder from the Drop-Down list
    - Save/load settings to/from file
    - Tweet your Shrink results
    - Displays shrink results: before, after, total modification

    - Drag .alx or .jad and info will be entered automatically (except .cod files)
    - Create OTA (.jad), Desktop (.Alx), JavaLoader (.bat), or all of them
    - Save creations and move .CODs straight to your OS folder (for easy Desktop install)
    - Upload your OTAs (free hosting by me) (VIP ONLY)
    - Zip up your install creations

    OTA Downloader
    - Download OTA links (.jad) and all .cods with it
    - Convert .jad to .alx after download

    Phone Tools
    - Read/Save File System
    - Install/Remove/Save .CODs
    - Save All .CODs on device
    - Read/Save/Clear Event Log
    - Take Screenshot
    - Sync time to PC
    - Factory Reset
    - Wipe Device

    - "Latest OS" and "Latest BBHybrids" buttons to show you the latest
    - Launch Loader/BBSAK/BBMCP/DM buttons
    - Options to auto-start on Shrink, C-A-J, or B-A-H, Phone Tools, Other tabs
    - Automatically remembers your settings
    - URL Shrinking (with custom name option)
    - Shortening service choices:,,,
    - Copy to clipboard and/or Tweet Shortened link after shortening
    - @bbhybrids, @theiexplorers, @mattyg, @.....berry, @n4_bb Tweet pulls
    - How-To/Help menu with instructions/info about each app
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