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    Follow Indiana Jones to ancient ruins to solve puzzles and uncover forgotten treasures !

    Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles introduces an original puzzle mechanic that is easy to pick up, breeze to control, and fun to play. Connect tiles of same color to create as long chains as possible. Avoid snakes, collect power-ups, and master the challenges of different shaped rooms and varied level goals to make your way through the ruins and maximize the treasure.Three different game modes make sure that everyone finds their match. From the Simple Puzzle mode without extra bells and whistles to Ruins of Adventure mode, introducing numerous twists and a long-term goal of exploring an ancient ruin, Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles offers unmatched fun and deeply enjoyable challenge to all gamers.Like all good puzzle games, Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles is simple to learn, but it offers endless replayability and a lot of variety.



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