Theme Premium Flow 1.0.1 for 99xx os7x

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    ALT + W to show the Weather Slot (icon 1)
    ALT + E to show one row of icons (icons 2-6)
    ALT + R to show second row of icons (icons 7-11)
    Click ZERO (0) to hide the icons
    ALT + O to show the panels (icons 12-15)
    ALT + I to hide the panels

    ALT + T for styalized clock
    ALT + S For BLUE Styalized Clock
    ALT + D For PURPLE Styalized Clock
    ALT + F For RED Styalized Clock
    ALT + Z For PINK Styalized Clock
    ALT + Y for normal clock
    Will NOT show stylized date correctly for all languages! (we are working on the fix)

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