Speak to Win: How to Present with Power in Any Situation - Smith.N Studio!

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    - Tên sách: Speak to Win: How to Present with Power in Any Situation - Smith.N Studio!
    - Tác giả: Brian Tracy
    - Ðịnh dạng: .PDF
    - Dung lượng: ~1MB
    - Liên kết: http://www.facebook.com/SmithNguyenStudio
    - Upload và giới thiệu: Smith Nguyen Studio.
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    The ability to speak with confidence and deliver winning presentations can accelerate your career, earn people's great respect, and enable you to achieve your greatest - even most impossible-seeming goals. But what many people don't realize is that anyone can learn to be a great speaker, just as easily as they can learn to drive a car or ride a bike! As one of the world's premier speakers and personal success experts, Brian Tracy is the ideal instructor. In "Speak to Win", Tracy reveals time-tested tricks of the trade that readers can use to present powerfully and speak persuasively, whether in an informal meeting or in front of a large audience. Brimming with unbeatable strategies for winning people over every time, Tracy lets readers in on his most powerful presentation secrets in this indispensable, life-changing guide.
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