SONIC-R Flasher Tools 2.0

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    Hi the BZoners, at this time we "SONIC-R Team" wants menshare tools are very-very simple, yet easy to use for the purposes of our BlackBerry.
    This tool is a continuation of the tools flasher ago using a more easy to use is just a click away.


    functions of these tools include:

    1. BlackBerry Device Wipe
    2. Reset to Factory
    3. BlackBerry Flasher
    4. Run Desktop Manager
    5. deleted vendor.xml

    On this occasion, I include deleted vendor.xml to make it easy for my friends to install the new OS without having complicated to locate these files in folders

    Factory reset to restore the BlackBerry it is the initial setting,
    usually performed if the BlackBerry trouble, so no need to wipe and load os again
    BlackBerry ** flasher can be used for BlackBerry that ternuked address, or pins are not detected by the loader **

    The most simple way to save BlackBerry ternuked:

    1. ternuked connect your BlackBerry on your pc / laptop
    2. Sonic run-N Flasher Tools
    3. click the / button "BlackBerry Flasher"
    4. are run loader, click next
    5. Your BlackBerry will restart, then the next step is to install the OS as usual in general.
    6. completed

    ỏriginal build from Nato
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