Shadowbane 1 SkyBattle (Support 83xx/88xx/87xx/85xx/93xx)

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    Shadowbane 1 SkyBattle

    Converted for BB by Vodanhdt91

    Game thể loại RPG, nâng cấp skill, nhặt đồ, item khi đánh quái.
    Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng anh.
    Màn hình: 320x240


    Giới thiệu:

    Background of the Western world, a fantasy action game. Devil players play a warrior, in the chaotic, frenzied, oppressive The Devil slowly grow. In order to continue to the end of the Millennium. Devil’s brutal rule of the emperor, the hero decided to declare war on the Devil’s evil forces. Monster in a powerful crusade against all the trials, the hero was the legendary creation of the sword. After that, he Military challenges will break the magic million Devil emperor and eventually become a Devil of War. :-bd

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