ON-AIR: BlackBerry Application Dates To Viewing Pay TV Channel(FULL)

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  1. JZF New Member

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    ON-AIR BlackBerry ® App developed by 7Langit which is a BlackBerry ® Elite Alliance Member, directly to BlackBerry ® provides you with information on all the channels available on pay-tv channel.

    With a variety of categories such as Kids & Toddler, Knowledge, Lifestyle, Movie, Music & Variety, News, Oriental, Sports, and Terrestrial; ON-AIR gives you the opportunity to manage all of your favorite channels, give a brief overview as a guide to choosing a spectacle, and even enter serial schedule of your choice into your BlackBerry ® calendar to ensure you do not miss watching.

    With security features push a very exclusive videos, get notification on your BlackBerry, and be the first time I saw the latest trailer and the latest info from the TV channel of your choice right away!
    Do not miss to get the original merchandise and other cool prizes from various TV channels with the following quiz and challenge, of course, very easily from a BlackBerry ® device is not it?

    Nothing is more exciting than sharing your favorite episode of your favorite series with friends via Facebook or Twitter from the menu Watching NOW, and be prepared to flood a comment on Facebook or Twitter you.

    You forgot the full schedule of the serial options? Experience the ease of searching the SCHEDULE menu by typing the title series, or even by typing the time slot, than you should make your eyes tired by searching one by one in the entire schedule of events.

    Want to try to enjoy the channels you never watch? There are options in the menu editor highlights that will be updated each month from all categories of channels, to help you make a choice.

    Enjoy exclusive trailer option on the menu WATCH & WIN, and your chance to win cool and limited merchandise from your favorite tv channels!

    Compatible with OS: 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.7.0, 5.0.0, 6.0.0
    Compatible for devices: 8520, 8900, 9000, 910x, 9300, 95x0, 96x0, 9700, 9800
    Source: 7langit.com

  2. guntx

    guntx MC Phan Anh

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    8820 AT-T
    oh. lại xài cho 4.6 trở lên à? chán thế nhỉ, giờ 4.5 chả có j để vọc cả
  3. daiphong0909

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    Thang nay k fai nguoi viet nam ! Online bb !

    [ Posted by Mobile Device ] [​IMG]
  4. Lokman

    Lokman New Member

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    congrats. A very useful tool. tq, lokman<br /><br />--- Added at 02/08/2011, 09:50 ---<br /><br />congrats. A very useful tool. tq, lokman
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