Ninja Joe

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    [spoil]*** Half price for a limited time!!! ***

    Ninja Joe must travel to the age of dinosaurs to find the mystical gems that will save his master's life. He must run for his life and get the gems from the evil velociraptors. Run through the jungle, desert and glacier in 25 exciting levels, avoid the dinosaurs and beat the evil velociraptor bosses!

    The game is played doing simple gestures on the screen: Jump, Kick, Dash, Slide (+ combos) always playable with one single finger (intuitive, almost zero learning curve).
    You must play it!

    * Infinite Run Mode, run as far as you can
    * 25 levels and 3 secret gems per level
    * Evil velociraptor bosses
    * 30 challenging awards
    * Three different worlds: Desert Cliffs, Dark Forest and White Peaks
    * Touchscreen gestures: Jump, Kick, Dash, Slide ... combine them in creative ways!
    * Velociraptors on ski ??!!
    * Original soundtrack
    * Secret story ending!

    More information at[/spoil]

    Version: 2.0
    Released: Dec 28th, 2012
    File Size: 37 MB
    Required Device Software
    Tablet: 2.0.0 or higher
    BB10 Smartphone: or higher

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    9860 - PB - Z10
    Thánks 4pit, downloading for my Z10 and try soon :-bd
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