JSL 8900 v4.0 (

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    JSL 8900 v4.0 (
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    This Hybrid is for the Curve 8900 'Javelin'.

    I recommend uninstalling any other OS’s from your computer and running CCleaner (both file and registry with all options selected other than “wipe free space”) to ensure a clean install.

    This is meant to install over the following OS:
    Curve 8900 OS : Leaked/Official

    - Make a back-up of your device using BlackBerry Desktop Software
    - Wipe your device using BBSAK
    - Install the Leaked or the Official release.
    - Install JSL 8900 v4.0 using the installer package.
    - Navigate to:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader"
    - Delete vendor.xml
    - When Shrink-a-OS starts, choose the OS in the drop down menu at the top and shrink as you wish.
    - Run the loader.exe by clicking the 'Loader' button in the Shrink-a-OS app.

    Remember to delete vendor.xml or it may not install

    Consider doing a selective restore after the initial bootup before you press ok on the eula disclaimer screen. This is what I personally do, and find to be the least disruptive in service, bbm, and bbm groups restores.

    This build consists of
    - Supports all languages found in Multilanguage builds and now includes East Asian Support
    - Includes all stock apps and games that were included in the base OS
    - Documents2Go is v2.0005.105 instead of 2.0003.030
    - Included Appword version is OS5
    - Twitter & Facbook are current and up to date versions
    - Extra Apps Include: Dcom Mobile App, LED Reset, Speedtest, GPS Tool, foursquare, Weathereye, and PlayerforYouTube

    Known bugs: Should be none. Literally none, I made sure of it, and there is increased compatability for smaller carriers that are pushing older service books. I personally took into account all issues that some users were experiencing in previous builds and addressed them. Everything functions as it should down to the last detail. If by some reason something isnt working for you and is not caused by a poorly coded 3rd party app, then I will work with you to find a solution.

    The first couple reboots will take a longer than normal, specifically the first one. Battery life may not be optimal until the device settles. If you have it loaded and are experiencing problems, consider wiping and reloading.

    About Screen/Help Screen

    If you're unsure about weather the hybrid installed.... go to Options > Applications, and switch the drop down menu from 'Third Party' to 'Core' and pay close attention to the listing.

    link download (nhấn SKIP AD để bỏ qua màn hình quảng cáo)
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    BlackBerry Passport
    Dịch bằng Google vừa ngây ngô vừa gàn !

    Đó là cách thể hiện sự không tôn trọng người đọc
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