iSpeech Caller ID Reader Pro v4.1.16

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    Overview :

    iSpeech Caller ID Reader Pro v4.1.16
    OS 7.0+
    size: 412 kb
    model: Torch 9850/9860, Curve 9380, Bold 9790, Torch 2 9810, Bold 9900/9930, 9981

    iSpeech Caller ID Reader Pro is free of charge until May 31st, compliments of BlackBerry. Thank you for choosing your BlackBerry 7 OS smartphone

    iSpeech Caller ID Reader Pro™ reads your incoming caller’s names aloud and can help you screen your calls! Hear the caller’s name read aloud without looking at your device. iSpeech Caller ID Reader Pro™ is a convenient way to know who’s calling you without having to take your eyes off the road or stop what you are doing. Multi-task and choose when to answer your calls. iSpeech Caller ID Reader Pro™ is Bluetooth compatible.

    Don’t forget to download® from BlackBerry App World™ to listen to your incoming SMS (text messages) and emails read aloud in real time.

    Note that regular carrier billing SMS charges will apply for both outgoing and incoming messages. Use to listen to SMS, TXT messages, Text messages, Email messages, incoming SMS, auto-reply or auto respond with outgoing SMS. Does not work with BBM, MMS, or other IM clients (AIM, Gtalk, Live, Yahoo messenger, etc) at this time.

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    Cái này mà bác nào có bồ chắc không dám dùng :))

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