Toàn quốc International Friendly - Match Prediction: Japan VS Mexico

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    International Friendly - Match Prediction: Japan VS Mexico

    There has been soccer under tip 6 matches played by the away team over the recent 12 months. They have 5 wins; 1 draw; and no losses. These recent results put Mexico on a Win-Draw-Loss rate of: 83%-16%-0%.Over this period, they have scored 2.33 times per match, on average, while conceding 0.83.A look at their away record in this time. They have a win rate of 100% (2 wins). There have been 2 away fixtures. 0% (0) Of these matches have been a draw, with the remaining 0% (0) ending in a loss as the away side.On average they have scored 2.0 times when away from home in this last year. They have conceded 0.0.Their recent performance data shows that they have scored a total of 24 goals in their last ten matches; 8 of these matches have been wins. In terms of the BTTS, 5 of these games have been matches where both teams have scored. There has been 8 matches with three goals or more.They have scored in their last 9 matches.Followers might want to focus exclusively on the Mexico form and get an unrealistic assessment of their chances to win this, but we warn that they do not offer value at their current price.

    Betting tip for Japan vs Mexico

    Some companies will give soccer betting tips you 3.25 about Japan. We think this could be the bet. It is a pick that comes with a low confidence rating.

    Japan VS Mexico

    Prediction: Japan win

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