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    World is growing depending upon the rapid development in science and technology various new technology software are introduced which largely affect not only the working field but also largely affect marketing and entertaining field also .software offer a challengious wiorld to everyone and man course also since it has capacity to do 100% more work than man. Depending upon development of various new software technology we constitute a newly developed soft ware I.e survelines software which has capacity to do more than one work within a single interval can record large no of cameras with one software is the most popular popular software having large change your life style by using largest technology of new convincing world .in addition to this its special feater is active web camera software that can be perform simultaneous recording and broad casting from unlimited number of cameras with in a single addition to this it constituents other newly developed software I.e argues DVR software survelines DVR etc.which are specially designed that can be operated through home net work.surveillance DVR is a specialy developed and enriched with lattest new technology that can operate unlimited number of cameras.again using those you can built own internet surveillance system. 53154
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