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  1. tattuz New Member

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    For whom are familiar with Linux Desktop :D

    OS inspired themes are always really popular and this release is an exciting one! Gnome Desktop is inspired by its namesake Linux Desktop. Gnome Icons and a desktop style design offer a unique experience on your BlackBerry. The foot on the header bar is your “Menu” button which opens a very classic looking gray menu. Initially your menu offers you 4 options; SMS + MMS, Calendar, Messages, and Applications. Scroll down and click on the applications button and this all changes because out pops a new menu section with 12 user selectable icon spaces giving you a fully user customizable Gnome Desktop Experience! To further enhance your personalization this theme is SUPER WALLPAPER FRIENDLY. This theme also features 3 Hot Keys 0 launches SMS, F launches Sound Profiles, and space bar launches QuickLaunch.

    • Hot Keys for SMS(0), QuickLaunch(Spacebar), Sound Profiles(F), and Xobni(X)
    • Desktop Style Drop Down Menu
    • Static Launches for SMS, Messages, and Calendar
    • Applications Menu with 12 User Customizable Icons
    • Wallpaper Friendly

    Blackberry Supported :
    85xx / 9300 / 9000 / 8900 / 96xx / 9700 / 9800

    OTA Link
  2. tobe2405

    tobe2405 Member

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    9900w Rogers
    ...................không down đc
  3. Sadi

    Sadi Moderator

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    8700g + Nexus 5
    Link OTA vẫn sống nhăn mà :D
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