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    If You are in Australia and You want to buy bitcoins, Forepost is a place for You. It’s so easy there, You write how much do You want, yout bitcoin and email adress and choose a bank. Price of 1 bitcoin changes from minute to minute, I spent 10 minutes on this site and the price changed from 440 to 442 AUD and then back to 44 AUD. Ther is a faq - so even beginners can manage here. It answers to questions like What is bitcoin, What are alternatives for bitcoin, What can I do with bitcoins, What is a bitcoin wallet adress, Where can I get a bitcoin wallet etc. To say it shotly - they answered to all questions that could have come to Your mind. But if someone has more questions there is also a contact number and email. Of course, before purchasing everone should read Terms and Conditions. They also gave a prvacy statement so their customers personal information are secured. All in all - I believe this is the best place to purchase bitcoins in Australia. Check it out. 17669
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