Native Engineering Screen Unlocked Code Generator v1.0.0.5 for BB10

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    Tnx to Keeper

    Just to make it simpler to access the EScreen without typing OS version and PIN. Feel free to try and let me know if there is anything I can help with.

    First, please don't try if you are not sure about it. Any changes made to the ES would mess up your device even lead to malfunction.

    If you still wanna touch it, please follow the steps:

    1. Run the app, click on the Browser button, it will open browser for you, then type in the address bar: escreen:// and press enter. It will pop-up a confirmation about opening Diagnostic Screen, press OK. The Help Screen will be shown up.

    2. Look at the Help Screen, you will see PIN, OS Version, Uptime... PIN and OS version are filled in the ES X app already, you only need to input exactly the uptime shown in Help Screen into ES X app. Don't close the Help Screen, back to ES X app and key in Uptime correctly.

    3. In ES X app, choose the validity time, this means the code will be generated will unlock the Engineering Screen in such this period of time. If you choose 1 day (default) then after 1 day, if you want to access the EScreen, you need to generate new Code, within 1 day, everytime you type escreen:// in the browser, it will bring you directly to the EScreen, not the Help Screen.

    4. When you finished inputing all required info, the correct code will be generated automatically. Write the code down or remember it, go BACK to the Help Screen, use 2 fingers at the same time swipe up from the bottom bezel to activate the virtual keyboard. Now key in the code one by one exactly, you won't see anything but just keep typing the code (8 letters) until it accesses to the EScreen. If not successful, try again and again.

    Thank you.“

    Sideload using DDPB or whatever you are comfortable most.

    Contact us if you have any problem with ES X:

    Download : Engineering Screen Unlocked Code Generator v1.0.0.5

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