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  1. JZF New Member

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    There is something money can't buy --- your happiness. Let e-Mobile Life light up your day with today's weather and your lucky color!

    Life is tough enough, light up your day with your lucky color and good fortune.

    Get today's weather of your home city or cities around the world

    Turn your Blackberry into a "Crystal Ball" and read today's horoscope and watch indicator light or trackball (8100 Pearl only) flashing with your lucky colors.

    Be automatically reminded at time of your choice when you are in luck.

    Relax and have some FUN!

    Required Device Software
    4.2.0 or higher


  2. bakery00

    bakery00 Active Member

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    app này hay đấy chứ,nhưng mà ai muốn hiện weather thì chon ha noi hoặc sai gon nhé
    chỉ chán 1nỗi là chạy ẩn thui,mà k chạy ẩn k đc,vì trong app cho mình chọn giờ để nó hiện thời tiết với bói may mắn trong ngày mà
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