CB10 for Blackberry Z10

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    [spoil]The number one website for everything BlackBerry now has the best BlackBerry 10 app ever! This is the official app of CrackBerry.com, the most recognized and trusted resource for all things BlackBerry.

    Download the FREE CrackBerry app today and experience all of CrackBerry's offerings like never before. It's a native Cascades app for BlackBerry 10, which means it's buttery smooth and FAST. We're executing on an amazing roadmap that takes ull advantage of every feature available to developers in BlackBerry 10.

    Blog and Comments
    - Read all the news, articles and reviews that CrackBerry publishes in a mobile optimized format.
    - Read and write comments!

    Forums - The forums on our app our amazingly fast to use.
    - Browse and Post in the Forums
    - Create and Reply to Threads
    - View Participated, Unread, and Latest Threads
    - Manage Forums and Thread Subscription
    - Forums Search
    - Upload and download attachments
    - Passport Account integration
    - Like, Thank Posts
    - Share Threads and Posts
    - Open links using in-app Browser or BB Browser

    If you run into any issues, don't give us a bad rating... instead, jump into CrackBerry's CrackBerry App forum and work with us to trouble shoot any bugs and make it even better. Within the app, just navigate to Forums, Site Related Talk, CrackBerry Apps and let us know!

    We hope you enjoy this awesome app! Thanks for supporting CrackBerry Nation!

    Permissions Explained:

    BlackBerry Messenger: We use this permission so you can invite BBM contacts to download the app
    Internet: We use this permission to enable connectivity with our serves.
    Notifications: We use this permission to alert you when new content is available.
    Shared files: We use this permission to save forum attachment downloads to your Downloads folder.

    Version: 1.3
    Released: Mar 11th, 2013
    File Size: 656 KB
    Required Device Software
    BB10 Smartphone: 10.0.0 or higher

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