Callernizer v 2.7

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    This call filtering / call screening program blocks blacklisted numbers and allow only urgent calls from your contact list to get through.

    * Allow only urgent calls from your contact list to contact you whilst blocking unimportant calls from them
    * Auto generate Sms to indicate you are uncontactable
    * Blacklist based on number and based on prefix eg 1900* blocks all numbers starting with 1900.
    * Sleep mode auto runs Callernizer every night when you are asleep
    * Run Callernizer until a specified time (just in case you forget to switch it off)
    * One click to run Callernizer ad hoc for the one hour when you are in a meeting. It auto turns itself off after one hour
    * Block all blacklisted call in the background permanently
    * Add Blacklist or Whitelist number from phone logs and contact list
    * Customize Sms reply message

    Note : Serial Key different From older Version,can solved by winhex


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