Hybrid Bản FULL autoloader for STL003/ Hybrid

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    Mình mới download bản này về dùng rất ok,restore ok luôn,nếu lần đầu restore bị lỗi rút cáp ra máy khởi động lại,restore lại là ok,mình đã làm ok
    Ok all, (edit, I forgot most important thing. Oops. But this is thanks to Kris and ibfe for providing the OS to me for testing. Big shout out to them).

    for those of you wanting to try out the 10.2 os AND have full restore capability back with link. I thought I would post it here. This is a full autoloader for STL003/ This will also work for 002/004 Z10. The only thing you will have to side load separately will be the app world bar and payment bars that i have included in the link below.

    There has been many issues with leak and this one has been working very stable with my Z for over 3 weeks now. Everything works great and smooth, fast, and very good improved battery life. There is one caveat tho. For those Whatsapp users, this os for some reason makes the hub integration and notifications for whatsapp disappear AFTER your first reboot (but. If u follow the exact procdure below, it seems to be working now). Not sure why, but that's the only issue I have found so far.

    ok Now to put the usual disclaimers out there:

    This works on everything but the STL100-1 (sorry guys)

    As per usual we are not responsible for any damage done to your device

    EDIT: I found out there is a diff way to do this procdure that makes app world works perfectly with pay and recognize all ur old apps again. PLUS whatsapp seems to be staying now unbelievably lol.

    Please follow these instructions:
    1. back up your phone with link
    2. plug in phone and run autoloader
    3. go thru setup
    4. do a security wipe (without doing anything else first)
    5. re go thru setup
    6. now restore from your backup. but do it this way. start with only the media and data files, then when thats done, do settings last. it should work and if not make sure you have latest link installed and reboot computer and try again.
    7. now sideload both bar files and if you so choose the beta bbm from beta zone
    8. now reload whatsapp. If it's there. Delete and reload
    9. re sign into all accounts and bam your back up and running.

    without further ado here is the link:


    if someone could please provide a mirror or another link for these it would be great as Gdrive doesn't seem to like lots of traffic and tends to shut down link for 24 hours here and there.

    have fun.

    hey all thanks to the kindness of FuriousK. here are some links for mirrors for you.




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    KEYone and Priv
    Nói chung là các bản gần đây na ná giống nhau, chưa có đột phá gì mới, ngại ko muốn up nữa, ko biết sang tuần có leak mới ko đây.

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    I P H O N E 6+9900
    cho mình cái pass bên link MEGA với huykhanh ơi :D
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    Bạn tải bằng TK gmail của bạn,nếu chưa có bạn đăng ký 1 cái gmail rồi tải về
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