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    2Do: Tasks Done in Style

    From a checklist to full-blown project management


    From a simple checklist to full-blown project management, 2Do is an incredibly powerful, award winning, task manager that lets you focus on what's important. Zero complication. Zero frustration. Just a stunning to do list you can finally understand and use. With 2Do you get:

    ★ Brilliant customer support: we pride ourselves in providing our users with fast customer support. Please kindly write to us if you have any questions, queries, issues with 2Do. We love fixing things fast! Mentioning a problem in a review does not always give us information we need to fix it.

    ★ Sync tasks over-the-air on multiple devices running 2Do (including iOS) using Toodledo. Schedule auto-sync at fixed intervals. NOTE: Only stated sync options (i.e. Toodledo) are currently supported. More sync options will be added in the future.

    ★ Projects, Checklists or a simple Todo list

    ★ Repeating ToDos with end dates

    ★ Tabbed Calendars / Folders for easy organization and grouping

    ★ Landscape Calendar view with date markers and date-filtering

    ★ Widgets that allow you to mark tasks done directly from the home screen. NOTE: Widget will not work if the app is moved to the SD Card.

    ★ Hide or re-arrange calendars

    ★ Password Protection: Lock all your tasks or individually picked Calendars

    ★ Drag & Drop tasks from and to Calendars

    ★ Smart Calendars: Dynamic lists based on saved searches with an optional dynamic date range

    ★ Powerful date range searching and filtering

    ★ Easy sorting by dates, calendars, priority, status, title or manual sorting

    ★ Scheduling of tasks using Start Date & Time

    ★ Tags: create keyword tags; search for tags or attach contacts as people tags

    ★ Alarms: Easily create multiple alarms per task

    ★ Attach Photos to your tasks using the Camera or the Gallery

    ★ Instant Previews: Preview and edit notes or attached pictures from the main list with a single tap

    ★ Focus: Quick toggle between your tasks and a refined 'focus' list from any view

    ★ Actions: attach contacts or other 'action' information to tasks

    ★ Starred Tasks

    ★ Batch Operations: Edit, Delete, Move, Tag, Share and more

    ★ Multiple Themes: Graphite, Wood, Leather, Fabric, Grass, Pink Fabric

    ★ Samsung S Pen ® drawing support in Notes. Draw using a finger or a stylus on devices such as Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus.

    ★ Share Todos

    ★ Optimized for an unlimited number of tabbed calendars with hundreds of Todos per calendar

    ★ Backup & Restore: Create easy backups of your database or restore from an existing one at any time

    ★ Flexible task manager: Use GTD (Getting Things Done) principals, Franklin Covey or your very own

    ★ Much, much more.

    Please kindly contact us in case you have any issues. We'd love yo help.

    Android-to-Android and Android-to-iOS sync through Dropbox and CalDAV sync coming soon

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