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    0 Are you looking for the best The definition and classification of site type social networking in the context of the last few years, in which their use has established itself globally among adolescents and young people in particular, concerns a growing number of members of the scientific community. So researchers in real Sciences, as well as those in the social sciences appear to move towards research methodology that takes advantage of the availability of large amounts of data made available on these websites. With the spread of large-scale social services update online or sites type, so researchers in sociology and computer science have been refocused to take advantage of an unmatched opportunity, the opportunity to study social networks declared explicitly by users of these systems, social networks linked together into gigantic, global structures with millionsthe tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of nodes.Their study of course involves a series of new issues with which all researchers, regardless of domain, the challenge remains-from research ethics issues raised by legal or technical ability to collect information about users without their explicit consent to the methodological issues raised by the difficulties of the study of the whole structure of these complex networks.
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