Hà Nội LXHL98 Projector 10,000 Lumens FULL HD

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    This is the number one large venue auditorium 3LCD projector for the BIG cinema affects. This projector comes with amazing 10,000 Lumens of brightness and FULL HD Native 1920 x 1080 resolution. This will allow you to have extra oridinary brightness remaining the picture quality with extra sharpness from its very latest 3LCD technology. This projector is highly used for big events, big cinema or theater rooms, ourside projection, hotels, advertisement and commercial adds.This projector is built with 3-Chip LCD technology for full-time colour. With 60 million 3LCD chips shipped worldwide for projection; this powerful and road tested technology is an optimal way to achieve, beautiful images as it will produce 3 times sharper pictures than any other projector. As this projector has the BIGGEST Lumens in the market so far, as it produces the best picture quality you will ever see. This projector system is more reliable and uses simple optical design 3 chips. Therefore, using this projector for HD movies, games, and business presentation or outside events makes it much more convenient for the viewers not to miss the smallest images. You are not the first one to use this projector. This projector is used by our clients like Unilever, Emmerdale, Government of Nigeria, Theatre of Consulate in Estonia and many more. Buy with confidence! 10,000 umens projector for sale...

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