KAMI RETRO HD - Game chơi giống Mario cho PlayBook

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    KAMI RETRO HD By Paw Print Games Ltd.
    Release: February 28, 2012
    File Size: 58506 KB
    More info: App World

    Item Description

    COLORFUL RETRO GRAPHICS WITH DYNAMIC EFFECTS: Dazzling retro style 3D rendered artwork with glittering visuals and awesome sound effects

    QUICK MOTION TOUCH SCREEN GAMEPLAY: Flick, push, nudge and swing to save as many troops as possible

    PUZZLING LEVELS WITH OBSTACLES AND TRAPS: Think your way out of trouble by placing tools such as springs, springboards, fans and cannons

    MULTIPLE WORLDS WITH DOZENS OF STAGES: Collect stars from a total of more than 60 stages to unlock five unreal worlds

    CHOOSE FROM NUMEROUS CHARACTER: Select various beautifully animated character outfits including Kami, Bear, Cat, Bunny, Robot, Dinosaur and Chicken

    BONUS MODES: Play the bonus mode with an additional 12 stages or play with four bunnies to collect hidden golden eggs to unlock more content!





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    đồ họa đúng là thảm họa bác vnbb ơi T__T
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