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    What is happiness ? and you try to find the answers themselves. "Happiness is to know how to go, not holding on tight," "Happiness is love", "Happiness is a journey, not just a destination", "Funny wallpaper is a journey, not just the destination "... has a lot of answers to problems are always concerns, but I still have not found an answer to my own, for myself. Yet, in an unexpected moment, to say that the miracle has arrived, I have "discovered" the meaning of the two words "Happiness". Have you ever picked up a book to read hastily vaguely attracted few pages and even on the written page, the text has words how deep human meaning and subtle but hugely true, life. Avidly read. Each line of each letter. And then you too amazed at the changes in thinking, ideology and their actions direction of optimism from that day. Now, to me, happiness is simple "love wallpaper hd to have caught, can read and pondered the book, the book that changed my life," Stop Worrying go but happy life by Dale Carnegie ". One day my work starts from 6am, and finish to 9pm, then take home unfinished work, the desire "not the best of all time". But that does not ever and I do not have time for themselves and their families. Colleagues began to pay attention to me with eyes afraid when I dated a haggard, emaciated, pale, the boss is also working efficiency a decrease my day and the first time I reprimanded from start to work until now. I ended up confused and doubting his own capacity, does the lack of experience, the way the "problem" has consequences I think is too "serious harm and" like. Then I would blame myself, thought I was spoiled with this much work that do not work, there were critics boss, colleagues reprimanded. How negative thoughts about themselves like dark colors keep getting drawn into my head, I'm more introverted, squeeze into shell, back the lease work, work and work, looking to redeem the lack shortcomings which I consider serious impact on the company. At night when I can not sleep, kept nagging the heart of a fear about the future, do not want to know until tomorrow to complete chaos and pressure of work and stress. . We send you the pictures donated newness of life. It is for you worm or concerns make soup miserable sleepless night, heartbroken. Right from the first image, you'll see your sorrowful thoughts dissipate like mist and you'll see the spring sunshine smile that life is worth living fruit. "Coming from a teacher and a writer, Dale Carnegie had only noticed that his students - mostly those who have important positions in all sectors of Destiny wallpaper - how to win anxiety and sorrow. He sought to find in the largest library of New York (US) at that time all the books that discussed the issue and he can only see a mere twenty-five books, and research policy ... does not see the full book, possible for teaching , he had spent seven years researching all ancient philosophers, metal, east, west, hundreds of elementary reading use, from the biography of Confucius to Churchill's personal life, and then interviewed dozens of contemporary celebrities and hundreds of his compatriots in the middle class. Thus, his book is characterized by a complete loss of things that anyone reading also caught her reputation lurking in the pages written. And with sincere writing style, humor, message standard place, with a little piece considerate to qualify, but very natural, "that I have read to imagine him sitting beside him, looked me deep in the eyes sharp, witty smile, which explained to me, talk to me that "has caused the message that he wants to convey can go fast, go so deep into his heart.
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