Hà Nội Children and unknown things about love wallpaper

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    As each song wrote: "... when you live life .From lonely wandering unknown coldly minutes .For you love the sweet peace of healthy happy children unknown poet . Childhood I did not know would come to play a friend

    No shirt childhood baby wallpaper fun learning no less rice, rancid depressing ... "Nobody wishes his misfortune, nobody wanted street children. Well, they are people like us, but just that they are less fortunate than we are. ... .. For the very warm venue, storytelling mother wished. Desire beaten, and was for tenderness. But they have no right to choose their future will be, will go.

    At some point, you stopped, nestled into a corner to look around ... you can see there are still so much unhappiness. The children homeless, abandoned since the first days of his life, those days are not fond childhood like any child whose father, mother, home and love wallpaper for pc there ... on the road living, struggling with how pitfalls, how evil, evil, we not only sweat but also tears and physical pain as the heart pulses. Fortunately, next to the children still have a lot of people, families, organizations receiving street children, homes of love to protect, protect .

    Body and soul they are deep cuts, resentment towards life, for circumstances and to fate again. The pain mixed with hardships of life gave their livelihoods come together to form an association "evils" in the mood were hurt. Only we can understand the pain in our hearts anytime movement is also willing to forcefully boiling inescapable, then the abused children become henchmen for the name unconscionable, considering coins on prices human values. Their circumstances are very grim. Rather blame the fathers, mothers could callously abandoned them since birth, worse than that, they adopted the children grow up and then treats them as a tool to make money, even for they have brought severe mental pain to many, but there are people insensitive, indifferent, not a life interest in their misery sad wallpaper people have no heart. The meager money was not readily available, there is "boiling sweat tears" and even to poor the blood. .

    Society where everyone is a good person. If there are people who are trying to help the children wandering has a bright future, then somewhere there are people who take advantage of the unsuspecting, innocent children to earn their own profits. That is the service "recruitment chatter" "breeding children." It is difficult to imagine how it is, right? They look to the countryside difficulties having children, "recruitment" of children here to the city, play for them one pile and then catch them off lottery tickets sold regardless of rain or shine. Then proceeds into the pockets of the "boss". Just like they are rich thanks to labor exploitation of that child. Disguised as father, mother, uncle, every day, carrying their children in one corner drop something, then caught them begging, selling sweets, selling cotton, ... or even steal. Or is there even the street children who sell cross-border, damaging dignity of teenage girls, .... It is those who deserve punished. There can strict attitude and handle the punishment this new society is no street children a new life and become civilized.

    Street children for various reasons, but the most important cause is due to the father, the mother of irresponsibility. If they gave birth, they must try by all means to take care of them, despite the lack of international contempt, then at least there can love, happiness. So who is most to blame the other heartless parents. The second is those who blame those indifferent, cold and contemptuous attitude towards street children. If such were to live in happiness, they must know to share happiness with everyone, otherwise we will become selfish and that social classes who despise. Who blame ultimately the users of street children as a commodity, toy earned their profits.

    By every human heart the young generation of the country, contributing to national construction and civilized, have planted in the nursery of the party, to show solidarity, mutual tradition that so long we are proud
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