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    Các bác làm như sau nếu sài phần add on của crome hay firefox nhé

    1) Install Google Chrome browser on your PC
    2) Go here in Chrome and follow the directions. BB10 / PlayBook App Manager
    3) Go here and download converted android apps to install using Chrome Blackberry Playbook and BB10 Android Apps
    4) Poke around in the Android App Sideloading Sub-forum for more info and links to downloadable apps. http://forums.crackberry.com/android...eloading-f258/

    Còn cách này sài DDPB:

    This file you are downloading is a Windows Installation file that will Install the Software on your PC. This will allow you to install BAR files, which are proprietary Playbook files!

    Step 1) Download this file and install it on your PC
    Step 2) Power up your Playbook and Go to Settings
    Step 3) Next Go to the option called Security
    Step 4) Select the Option Development Mode
    Step 5) Turn Development Mode On and select an easy to remember Pasword
    Step 6) You will notice a Development IP Address this will show up on your main homescreen with an icon that shows a guy with a shirt
    Step 7) Using your Blackberry Web Browser download any Playbook App you want to your Playbook.
    Step 8.) By Default when you download apps using your web browser they are stored in a directory called /downloads/
    Step 9) Plug your Playbook Into your PC and launch the Windows Application you downloaded and installed.
    Step 10) On the left hand side it will say Playbook IP address, hit the scan button and it will use the IP address that you used when you setup the Developer security option. If you forget what it was or it won’t scan, click on the guy with the green shirt on your homescreen on the top right hand corner and it will tell you what it is.
    Step 11) Underneath the IP Address is a password, use the password I told you to use when you setup your developer account under Security.
    Step 12) Click ADD and Navigate using the Explorer to the Download Directory on your Playbook and Select the Apps you want to install.
    Step 13) Your apps will install to your Playbook and you now have full access to mainstream applications not currently available in the Blackberry APP World.

    Tất cả phần mềm chuyển sang file bar là cài được. Rất nhiều phần mềm chạy rất ok.

    If you need any help with this program or any questions please comment below and we can help you.

    *** If your computer does not have Java, which most do you might need to install it on your PC to get this program to work. You will see a error message saying something about a JAR File missing, Google for JAVA 32 BIT
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    cho mình hỏi là android convert qua bả là dc hay là có cái chạy cái không? nhìn tiêu đề tưởng là PB cho chạy 100% android. còn nếu convert qua cái chạy cái không thì không khác gì trước kia cả
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